August 31, 2009


Yesterday was the most amazing paint session I've had so far. Imagine this: Almost EVERYONE in the Malaysian scene painting in one of the most iconic spots in KL for independence day. It was such a massive event that I didn't even get to take pictures of everyone's pieces, so I apologize for that, but damn. It was a-fucking-mazing. Major props to PHBKLK and PW!

There are way too much photos so to make things more convienient, check them out here, here and here. Special thanks to Edmund and Raja for comin' down and showing love. :P

KWS, this one's for you guys. :)


wawabescoot said...

Rina proud of you!
nak jadi macam you'
i like bombing too! :)

RYN said...

Hi Wawa. Thanks. :) My name's actually not Reyna lah, tu tag name je. :P

U like graff eh? Can I see ur stuff? :D

wawabescoot said...

ehe, soory
stuff? not yet develop'
dulu dulu ada la jugak buat sketching, dah terkubur jap
nak start balik
but no one conduct'
hummm :0

yeah like it very much!
gila cool ar you, best je' :)

now busying study'
but i wish i can boomb too!
but bila ?

RYN said...

thanks babe! but yeah...buat je! I'm studying gak and sometimes it's hard to manage tapi if you're really into it you just gotta do what you gotta do! :)